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Spike in Thefts of Tools from Vans across South Northants

We have seen a significant spike in Thefts from Vans across South Northants which has seen vans targeted for the tools contained within.

The offence locations have varied from hotel car parks to isolated villages with multiple vehicles being targeted at night.

Please see the below crime prevention advice:

Thieves target vans to steal tools wherever they are parked. Follow this advice to protect your van and its contents.

Park your van securely
  • Always close windows and lock your van
  • Park in a secure, well lit area where possible
  • When parking at a hotel, park within view of reception, CCTV cameras or your room
  • If usinga public car park, try to use a “Parkmark” approved car park www.parkmark.co
  • Block your van in with another vehicle, or park behind locked gates, in case thieves try to steal the entire vehicle
  • Park closely to a wall/garage door, to prevent access to the side and rear of your van
  • Upgrade the security on your van and fit an independent alarm
  • Fit additional locks to your van doors
  • Reduce the risk of tool theft.

    Offences can take place anywhere, in a car park, at the side of the road, or even when your van is on your drive. 

    Always lock your van before leaving it.

  • Display a sticker on the rear of your van stating your tools are removed overnight
  • Remove your tools to a secure location overnight
  • Remove items from display, clear your dashboard and seats of any valuables
  • Clean your windscreen and dashboard of any suction marks left by sat-nav or phone holders
  • Mark your tools – engrave with an identity known only to you
  • Photograph your tools and keep a written record of them

    Further security advice and products for your van at:
  • www.protectavan.co.uk
  • Police approvedsecurity products - www.soldsecure.com
  • Van alarms - www.thatcham.org
  • Permanent tool marking kit - www.cremark.co.uk
  • Registerand track stolen tools - www.toolwatchapp.com
  • Monitor your van remotely- www.uwatch.co.uk

    If you see a theft from a van in progress dial 999.

    To report a non-emergency issue please telephone 101 (and select option to report incident / crime) 

    Alternatively use the online reporting form which can be found on the Northants Police Website www.northants.police.uk

    The online form will allow you to input all details and issue you a reference number. Your enquiry  will then be directed to the appropriate department.


    You can also provide confidential information should you wish to remain anonymous. These calls can be made to the Independent Charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit www.crimestoppers-uk.org




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