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Scams Awareness fornight w/c 14th June 2021

The annual Scams Awareness campaign this month runs from the 14th – 27th June.

This year’s Scams Awareness campaign will be focusing on the financial scams that have emerged as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak.

Spam emails, ‘suspicious activity’ alerts from banks, news stories about data breaches – unfortunately, scams and fraud seem to have become part of our daily lives.  They can affect anyone - a recent Citizens Advice report found that almost three quarters of people surveyed had been targeted by a scam in the previous two years – and they can cause a lot of harm.  The National Audit Office (NAO) has estimated that individuals in the UK lose £10 billion a year due to fraud, not to mention the detrimental emotional impact.

Scammers seek to exploit vulnerability, and the Covid-19 pandemic is no exception.  Many people are in difficult situations, facing issues with employment, debt, housing and health. We’ve seen evidence that scams are exploiting the financial pressures this is putting people under.

Consumer data shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of scams relating to financial services reported in the past year. These can include things like:

  • Adverts offering fake “Get Rich Quick” investment schemes
  • Phone calls, texts or emails from scammers pretending to be your bank, so they can get you to transfer money to them or give them your personal details
  • Scam emails or automated calls pretending to be from an official organisation, like HMRC calling about a tax issue
  • An offer of a pensions review out of the blue
  • Help us spread the message that scams are crimes that can happen to anyone and that we can all take a stand to help stop them.  There are actions we can all take to report them, share stories and raise awareness of scams to safeguard ourselves and others.

    I would be grateful if you could publicise this campaign with friends, family, colleagues and the wider public.

    If you have not already done so then now would be a good time to become a ‘Friend Against Scams’ and to encourage others to do the same at: https://www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/


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